School Improvement Council
Working Together to Give Every Child an Opportunity to Succeed!

This is the voting ballot FOR PARENTS.  We will end voting on the 11th.

What Is an SIC?

A School Improvement Council (SIC) is an advisory body to the principal and school. 

SICs are focused on school improvement.  SIC members participate in writing the school improvement plan by sharing their knowledge about student, family, and community needs and suggesting ideas for effective change. Under South Carolina’s new Read to Succeed law, SICs also advise their school on plans to improve student reading levels.


SICs carry out many different kinds of activities that help schools meet their improvement goals.  For example, SICs may decide to work together with their schools on:                       

  • Using new and effective ways to get more parents involved in their school and student learning.
  • Bringing in volunteers, funds, goods and services, or other needed resources from the community to the school.
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State law requires that every K-12 public school have an SIC that includes:

  • At least two parents elected by parents.
  • At least two teachers elected by teachers.
  • At least two students elected by students (required only for grade nine and above).
  • Community members who do not have children enrolled at the school, appointed by the principal.
  • The principal and other ex-officio members.

Kids Do Better in School When Parents Are Involved

Experts who study education have found that children do better in school when a parent actively participates in their education.

Serving on an SIC is one way that parents can get involved. SIC parents are not expected to be experts in how to run a school or a classroom. While your school does need advice from educational experts, it also needs practical information from parents about the special needs and strengths of children and families at your school. This knowledge helps your school make better decisions that lead to improved student achievement.

SIC parent members also benefit from the opportunity to learn more about their school and to build relationships with the principal, other parents, teachers, and community members.

Successful Schools Benefit EVERYONE

Good schools benefit the whole community, including taxpayers who do not currently have children in school, by: 

  • Increasing property values.
  • Attracting good paying jobs that create more customers for local businesses.
  • Graduating students with skills that local employers need to compete in a 21st century economy.


A stronger local economy strengthens the whole community by raising living standards and by encouraging our children to stay and serve the community where they grew up.

Student Improvement Council Members

Ray Ellen Bunch (Student)

Robin Chavis (Teacher)

Marion Davis (Community Member)    

Rebecca Godley (Community Member)    

Kathy Hunt (Teacher)

Bridget Kinard (Community Member)    

Antania Orr (Student)

Angela Parker (Community Member)         

Kelsey Robinson (Teacher)

Johnnie Sellers (Parent) 

Jordan Smith (Ex-officio Member)         

Nakiyah Smith (Student)

Bonnie Strickland (Teacher)

Dennis Ulmer (Ex-officio Member)                  

Tamisha Wiggins (Community Member)    

Gina Williams (Teacher)

Robert Williams (Teacher)